Christmas time is here...

Join us this Christmas for a powerful sermon series, "The Light Has Come," where we will venture through the prophetic words of Isaiah 9 to encounter the Messiah and His timeless significance. In the chill of winter, we'll delve into the darkness once felt by the people of Israel and their eager anticipation for the Messiah's coming light—a theme that resonates with all of us as we seek to draw closer to the Saviour.
Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at 5:00 pm

 We will dim the lights for a family-friendly service where you’ll hear carols, readings, special music and more. Childcare is available for kids newborn to age 3. It’s always a touching service crafted to give time and space to consider the Christ-child and His impact on the world and our hearts.

Here's what else you can expect this Christmas:

Advent Series: The Light Has Come

As we move through the weeks leading up to Christmas, we'll explore how these titles—Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace—cast light on our path and guide us in our walk of faith.

December 3: Hope with the 'Wonderful Counselor'
We open our hearts to hope as we reflect on the Wonderful Counselor. This session will guide us to become vessels of hope, extending God’s steadfast love and promises, and offering godly counsel rooted in the eternal truths of Scripture.

December 10: Power and Love in the 'Mighty God'
In awe of the Mighty God, we'll discover the love and power of Christ that holds the universe together. This week emphasizes His divine strength, tender love, and the comfort we find in His sovereignty.

December 17: Eternity with the 'Everlasting Father'
Approaching the birth of Christ, we turn to the Everlasting Father to gain an eternal viewpoint in a temporary world. We'll be encouraged to prioritize the eternal and spiritual, learning to live in and share the unending joy found in a relationship with God.

December 24 (Morning Service): Calm Amidst Chaos with the 'Prince of Peace' 
Our morning service on December 24th will bring us into the presence of the Prince of Peace. We’ll discover peace that flows from Christ, impacting not just our personal lives but also calling us to be peacemakers in the world.

Christmas Eve: 'Our Light Has Come' - The World Illuminated by Christ
And finally, as the night falls on Christmas Eve, we gather to celebrate "Our Light Has Come." Drawing from select passages of both Old and New Testaments, we'll hear the message of Jesus, the light of the world, whose coming banishes darkness and brings everlasting light to life. This service will be a culmination of our Advent journey, as we rejoice in the birth of Jesus and commit to following Him, the true Light that gives life to all.

The 4 Es of Christmas

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate this Christmas and in everything we do we want to keep Christ and the 4 Es central to our purpose. We often speak of the 4Es at Calvary: Engage > Evangelize > Establish > Equip. Do you know what E isn't on that list? Events! That's right... Events aren't are not actually central to what we want to accomplish. But do you know why we do them? Because Events give you an easy opportunity to invite someone to join you on your journey of being a disciple who makes disciples.

Let’s engage with those who might be far from Christ with outreach activities. Let’s evangelize the spiritually curious and the seekers with powerful testimonies of gospel transformation. Let’s establish and equip committed disciples by giving them a solid Biblical understanding of who we are in Christ and how we can live out our calling in this Christmas season.
Will you join us on this mission? If so, get involved and get excited! Tell someone about what's happening or better yet, invite them to join you! Volunteer your time. Share your time and talents generously with others and let's see how God can work through us.