4 Core Habits

Habits That Lead to Growth

As children of God, we are called to develop habits that lead to our spiritual growth; we call them the 4 Core Habits. These habits lead us to engage with God and our community as we are Christ-followers who help others follow Christ.

1. Word

Reading or listening to the Bible is critical for spiritual growth. By spending time in God’s Word we learn and reflect on who He is and what He desires.

2. Prayer

Learning to come to God in prayer with our helplessness and mess of our lives reminds us that we need Him and are dependent on Him for everything. We are told to pray at all times about all things, and God invites us to come to Him for strength and help whenever we need it.

3. Fellowship

God has designed us to be regularly participating in the life of the church. Corporate worship and connection give us a context where we grow together and share life together.

4. Serve

God has designed us to serve in the church. Our task is to use our gifts to build that church so that others can grow. We are also to help others learn how to use their gifts and serve as well.

This material is based on the book, "How to Grow" by Darryl Dash. We are indebted to him for the great work he has done on the topic of disciple-making.

Every Member Ministry

Discipleship is what we call an "every member ministry." In a nutshell, this means that discipleship isn't just left to the staff or the elders, but instead discipleship is the privilege and responsibility of every member of the Kingdom of God. It doesn't matter whether you worship with us in the building or online; whether you are an official member of Calvary Burlington or you just regularly attend. Every one of us who follows Jesus can and should use our gifts to disciple others.

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