CB Kids December 4

This month, we’ll see how angels in the Bible told stories of good news about Jesus. We’ll see how they brought messages to everyone they met, messages about being a part of God’s big plan to bring help and hope to everyone. We’ll be traveling throughout the City of Angels, checking out all the ways angels brought the good news of Jesus to ordinary people like us! Today's big idea: Jesus is God’s plan.

Ask your child:
Did you know that it was someone's job to plan out our neighbourhood? Someone (or a team of someones!) decided where the parks would be, where to put the grocery stores, and which streets would have sidewalks.

Have some fun:
Use some paper and crayons and plan out a city. Include fun things that you enjoy doing. Want a rollercoaster down the street? Done! Would you like to have a giant neighbourhood swimming pool filled with jello or an otter petting zoo? Make it happen!

Read these passages in the Bible:
Luke 1:5-25; Isaiah 11:1-5

Talk about it:
In today's lesson, the angel appears to Zechariah and tells him some huge news: Even though he was an old man, he and his wife Elizabeth would soon have a baby. This baby would be named John and would play a part in helping people know and understand the coming Messiah.
How did Zechariah respond to this message?
Who is the 'branch' referred to in Isaiah 11?

Pray together:
God, we thank you for your plan to send your only son, Jesus, to us. You even planned for someone like John the Baptist to come into this world to help people turn to Jesus — and you put people in our lives today who help us do that, too. Help us to trust your plans because they are always good. Amen.

Learn the memory verse:
“But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people!’” (Luke 2:10)

Gabriel’s message to Zechariah about what his son, John, would do once he grew up showed that Jesus is God’s plan. Zechariah may not have understood it completely at first — he didn’t even believe it right away — but as time went on, he would come to realize what a big part his son would play in preparing people to receive Jesus and reconnecting them to God.

Watch the videos:
Video for younger kids
Video for older kids 
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