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CB Kids September 25–October 1

Welcome to our new series for CB Kids, Animated! When something is animated, it is brought to life, like how cartoon drawings can move! During the next few weeks, we’ll meet a group of people called prophets. Their job was to animate God’s words and let people know the truth. This week we’ll talk about a feeling all of us have sometimes — sadness — and how God can help us when we’re sad.

Ask your child: What's the last animated show you watched? What about the last animated movie? Most cartoons are created to make you laugh, but sometimes (like in the movie Up or Inside Out) animated characters might make us cry!

Have some fun: Decorate two paper plates – one with a smiley face and one with a sad face – so they look like masks. Tell your child some scenarios and ask them to hold up their mask to show how they feel about what you've said. i.e Let's go out for ice cream! You just stubbed your toe! Someone ate the last piece of pizza! It's Christmas morning!

Read these passages from the Bible:
1 Kings 19:1-13; Jeremiah 8:18-9:1

Talk about it:
  • Why was Elijah running for his life?
  • Why was Elijah so sad?
  • How did God appear to Elijah on the mountain?
  • Read Jeremiah 8:18–9:1. What made Jeremiah so sad? What will you do the next time you feel sad?
  • How does it make you feel to have a God who comforts you? How can you imitate God when someone you know is sad?

Pray together: God, thank you for your comfort. Thank you for being there both on the best days and the worst days. In my deepest valleys, I will trust in you. Quiet my heart when it aches so I can hear your comforting voice. Amen.

Learn the memory verse: May the God of hope fill you with all Joy and peace as you trust in him. (Romans 15:13a)
Recap: Sadness doesn’t last forever. And having someone with us who understands our sadness — like Jesus was with His friends — actually helps because then we aren’t alone in our sadness. When you’re sad, remember God is with you in your sadness, so you can say with confidence, God gives me comfort when I feel sad.

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