Calvary Baptist Church in Burlington, ON

CB Kids July 31-Aug 6

This month our CB Kids are learning about all the big things God was able to do through Elisha and can do through us, too! this week we learned I can be used by God.
Note that this week's lesson talks about leprosy. For older children you can do a side project about leprosy if you'd like them to know more about this disease.

Ask your child: "Would you rather..."
  • Be a lion tamer or an acrobat?
  • Be a nurse or a teacher?
  • Go to the moon or deep dive in the ocean?
  • Drive a racecar or ride a horse?
  • Help on a farm or help in a school?

Have some fun: Talk to someone who does one of the things from the "Would you rather" list. What do they like about what they do? How did they start out, and how did they get to where they are. Afterwards, help your child(ren) write a thank-you note!

Read these passages from the Bible:
II Kings 5:1-14; Colossians 3:1-4

Talk about it: 
  • Who was Naaman?
  • What was wrong with Naaman? 
  • Who did Naaman go to see?
  • What did Elisha tell Naaman to do?
  • Did Naaman immediately obey Elisha the first time?
  • What happened after Naaman washed in the river seven times? 
  • Does God use people to do His work? (YES!) 

Pray together: God, thank you for making me truly special. I know you are helping me grow in different ways so I can do big things for you like Elisha did. I am so glad you can use me! Amen.

Learn the memory verse:  “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2 (NIV)  Click here for the ASL video for this Bible verse.

Recap: We all have dreams of what we want to do as a career, what we want to do for fun, and what we want to do to help others. You will likely never meet someone with leprosy, but that doesn't mean you won't do big things for God! When we serve God wherever we are, we are being used by Him for the great things He has planned.

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