Calvary Baptist Church in Burlington, ON

CB Kids June 12–18

This month we are in a series called Ever After. Fairytales are fun and entertaining, but we are going to look at the true story of Ruth to see how God truly writes the best stories for us!
Ask your child: What is/was your favourite read-aloud book? Share the name of your own favourite book from when you were a child. Even better, check out the library and see if you can get a copy of it to read to your child. (Hint: If it's no longer in print you might be able to find a scanned digital copy online).

Have some fun: Begin a story chain by saying, "Once upon a time there was a..." and let your child give the next sentence. Go back and forth, taking turns to create a brand new fairytale for 2022.

Read these passages from the Bible: Ruth 2 and Romans 5:1–5.

Talk about it: How did Ruth provide for Naomi and herself? How did Boaz show kindness to Ruth? What do the words suffering and perseverance mean? Nobody wants to suffer, but sometimes when we go through hard times we discover that our suffering can be turned into something good.

Pray together: Dear God, thank you for showing us through Ruth’s story that in any situation, hope can always be found in you. Help us to never give up even when things are tough and show us how we can give others hope. Amen.

Learn the memory verse: "The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." Psalm 121:8


Recap: God is amazing! He gave Ruth hope when she was in a strange new land and needed to find food. He gave her everything she needed. God also gives us hope through Jesus Christ, and we can always trust in Him.  
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