CB Kids May 8–14

This month is all about the people who delivered the message about Jesus to the world. In this week's lesson our CB Kids learned about when Peter Heals Tabitha, and that we can share the stories of God’s miracles.
Ask your child: 
  • Do you remember the last time you were sick? Maybe you had a cold or a stomach ache. How did you feel? Was it fun or not fun? 
  • Being sick is usually not very fun at all! If you know someone who isn't feeling well or who is going through a hard time, what could you do to help them or make them feel better?

Introduce the topic of miracles:
Ask your child if they can think of a miracle in the Bible, and describe it to you. Next, ask them if they think miracles are something that just happened in the Bible, or whether they can happen today as well. Share with your child something miraculous God has done in your life.

Read these passages from the Bible:
  • Acts 9:36-43
  • Psalm 77:11-14

Talk about it:
  • What was Tabitha known for before she died?
  • What did Peter do when Tabitha’s friends asked him for help?
  • What happened when the people in Tabitha’s town heard what had happened?
  • How do you think sharing stories of God’s miracles can help others?
  • How do you know God still does miracles? 
  • Who can you share the stories of God’s miracles with? What will you tell them?. 

Pray together:
God, remind us to share the stories of your miracles as a way to encourage the people around
us. Nothing is impossible for you! Thank you for loving us and for hearing our prayers. Amen

Learn the memory verse:
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And
I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” Isaiah 6:8


Peter was one of Jesus’s disciples who helped spread the good news about Jesus to others. Sometimes it was through speaking and other times, it was through actions. Peter often shared the good news by comforting people who were sad, upset, or sick. We can comfort others and help them through their hard times. When we tell others about the miracles God has done in our lives, we help to share the good news about Jesus. 
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