Calvary Baptist Church in Burlington, ON

CB Kids April 24-30

"Did you know that you can trust Jesus?" This week the CB Kids remember the time Jesus appeared to His disciples!

Ask your child: Today is the last lesson of the "Did you know?" series. What stories do you remember? Did you learn something new? Think about the people you trust. What qualities do they have that make it easier for you to trust them?

Have some fun: Gather small bowls of soft foods (yogurt, apple sauce, pudding, fruit puree, whipped cream). Also add a cup of something like mustard, mayonnaise or BBQ sauce. Blindfold your child and ask them if you can feed them. Will they trust you? Why or why not? Will you try and trick your child?

Read the Bible: John 20:19-31; Acts 4:19-20

Talk about it:
  • What happened while the disciples were together in a locked room?
  • How did the disciples react?
  • What did Thomas say when the others told him about what they had seen?
  • What could Peter and John not stop talking about? 
  • In what ways do you show someone you trust them? 

Pray together:
Jesus, we know we can trust you because you have shown us you love us when you gave your life for us. Help us to trust you even we don’t understand everything. Teach us also how to be people who others can trust and lean on.

Learn the memory verse (last time!): But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  (2 Peter 3:18a). Watch the sign language video for this verse by clicking here

  • To trust someone is when you believe that person is telling you the truth, wants the best for you, and will keep you safe. 
  • Name some true things you have learned about Jesus. 
  • How do you know Jesus wants the best for you?
  • What are some things you can trust Jesus with today?

See you Sunday morning for a new series called, "The Messengers"!
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