5 things to pray today 

Sometimes we don’t know what to pray.  Here is a short guide you can use as you sit down in focused prayer.

Pray for God to make himself known to you and to those close to you.
God, you have revealed yourself to us in many ways: through giving us your Word, in sending Jesus Christ into the world, and by giving us the promised Holy Spirit to dwell with us. There are times when I feel distant from you and my prayers fall flat. I ask that you would renew my joy by revealing yourself to me afresh, and I pray that you would do the same for the ones I love. I know I am never truly alone, so renew my sense of your presence that I may dwell with you in peace. 

Pray for those in your sphere of influence or circle of friends. 
Heavenly Father, you know that my friends and co-workers carry lots of burdens and are often challenged by what life throws at them. I pray that you would give them wisdom, courage and strength to face each day. I pray for discernment for difficult decisions they must make, and that you would guide them every step of the way. May they know you more deeply and understand your will. For those who have not yet trusted Christ, I pray that you would use me in some small way to point them to forgiveness and everlasting life found in Jesus. 

Pray that God would meet your needs.
God I thank you that you have said that you will lovingly and graciously supply all of our needs in Christ Jesus. I know this means that I will be spiritually nourished each day as I dwell with Christ and remain in His presence. I also know that you will give me everything I need because you are a kind and benevolent Father. I have some eminent needs now, Lord, and they are...[list them and be specific]. God, I know that sometimes I get 'need' and 'want' confused. So if these are not true needs I pray you would take the desire for them from me.  I ask only that you give me what I need each day so that I may find my sufficiency in You alone. And I pray I trust you while I wait.

Pray for God to purify your heart, soul, and mind.
Jesus there are a lot of things that are competing for my attention, and not all of them are healthy. I confess that there are times when my heart, soul, and mind are corrupted by what my eyes see and my greed wants. Purify me and renew a right attitude in me. I pray that I hunger for that which is noble,  right,  pure,  lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.

Pray for protection and strength for your day.
God, I need your protection every day. My physical life is fragile, and each breath I breathe is a gift from you. I pray you sustain my life and the life of my loved ones, not for my own glory but for yours.I don't just want you to protect my life so I can live a long life and do what I want... I truly want to live a long life so I can continue to be part of the mission to make disciples. If a long life isn't your will, then I pray that you would give me strength each day to accomplish each task you have set out for me, and that I would find joy in serving you, my God and King.
If you'd like someone to pray for you, or you just want to talk, please reach out. We're here to help.