Sense of Direction

I’ve always had a fairly good sense of direction. Growing up I knew that Milton was North of where we lived, and Lake Ontario was South of where we lived. No matter where I went in Burlington I just had to figure out where the lake was, or where Milton was, and I could get a rough idea of where I was, and where I was going.

Then we moved to Hamilton.

Where we currently live on Hamilton mountain, the lake is North of us, and the rest of Southern Ontario is South of us. But when we first moved here, my whole internal compass was spinning. I kept referring to downtown Hamilton as South of us, and the rest of the Mountain as North of us. The thing that had anchored my sense of direction, the lake, had flipped upside down, and I no longer had that internal bearing that I once had.

Sometimes when we lose the thing we’re anchored to, it messes with our sense of direction. Maybe you’ve experienced this in other areas of your life, where your anchor point has changed, and suddenly you’re not sure which way is up. In this last year, I am willing to bet that has maybe happened in multiple areas of your life…maybe even in your faith. In our lockdown world it is so easy to just sit down in front of our screens and let the time pass with entertainment. But if what I’ve seen popping up in this last year is any indication, there’s not a lot of content that is teaching us any truth. Rather it’s anti-truth.

Ephesians 2:20 says:
“We are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.”

If you’re struggling with your faith right now, I want to ask, what is your anchor? What is giving you your sense of direction? Is it this world? Is it entertainment? Is it social media? Is it you? Or is it, as Paul puts it, the cornerstone that is Christ Jesus himself? The cornerstone is that one perfect right angled stone that lines up the foundation for the whole house, it’s that stone that gives you truth to build on. So, if you’re struggling with your faith, you need to re-orient yourself to truth.

There’s a video that I pointed our teens to this week that discusses the dangers of not orienting yourself to truth, that I want you to check out as well. This video is really about how the Navy Seals train for a helicopter ditching in the ocean, but the guy who made the video makes an incredible point at the end. So, check out the video, and make sure you watch it right to the end, and I hope this will encourage you to hold on to the truth and restore your sense of direction.

Mike Sanders
Director of Family Ministries

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