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Christmas in Burlington: Rediscover Peace


Rediscover Peace

The month of December is when we focus our attention on the advent - or coming - of Jesus Christ. Most people know that the church celebrates Jesus coming to earth, born in Bethlehem to a mother named Mary and a carpenter named Joseph. But what you might not know is that we also celebrate a second advent - when Christ will come again in glory and power. In between the first coming of Christ and the last, the world waits. But waiting is hard. It's hard and it's frustrating and it's exhausting. It was frustrating for those who lived in Bible times, and it continues to be frustrating for us today.

But what if it didn't have to be?

What if, in your waiting, you could find peace. Real peace. Not just perseverance or resolve or inner fortitude, but true peace. The Bible points us to that kind of peace, the peace that only Jesus, the Prince of Peace, can bring.

Join us this December as we rediscover peace. Peace in the promise of a Saviour. Peace in place of turmoil, peace in the proclamation of His birth, and peace in the presence of Jesus.

It's our prayer this Christmas season that you will celebrate Jesus Christ afresh; that you will experience joy like never before, and that you will find peace in His advent. O come let us adore Him!