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Prepared to Answer

Date:February 10, 2018
Time:6:30pm - 9:30pm

We live in an age of rapid change and confusion surrounding sexuality.  Many parents fear for the pressures and dangers their children face in a culture so completely divorced from God’s purpose and plan for sex.  In this two part seminar we will provide help for parents who desire their children to grow up affirming and enjoying God’s design for their sexuality.  In Part 1 we will look into God’s Word to understand the spiritual root of our culture’s willingness to practice and celebrate virtually every form of sexual expression.  In Part 2 we will discuss some practical ways to both safeguard your children from the snares of sexual sin so prevalent in our world, as well as equipping them to understand and appreciate God’s purpose for sex and their gendered bodies.

Guest Scott Stein from Prepared to Answer ( provides tools and resources to families to help them answer the tough questions that come from living out our faith in this world. It is the Mission of Prepared to Answer to strengthen the disciple making efforts of the Church of Jesus Christ in Canada so that Christians will be fully equipped to thrive as faithful witnesses to the gospel in Canada’s post-Christian secular culture.